Social Services Outreach

Helping You Get Help

The Southeast Texas Food Bank has joined a network of food banks across Texas working to better educate citizens on the range of state-funded social services and health care programs that are available, such as:

The Social Services Outreach Coordinator sets up application completion centers at different locations throughout the Food Bank service area. The centers offer hassle-free sign up services including assistance filling out applications, making copies of documents, and delivering completed applications to the correct agency.

The Food Bank does not determine eligibility for any aid program. It does, however, make sure all applications are filled out completely and correctly.

For more information on the Social Services Outreach Program serving Hardin, Jasper, Jefferson, Newton, Orange, Polk, Sabine, and Tyler counties, call 409.839.8777.

To contact the Texas Health and Human Services Commission directly for a variety of benefits related matters, please use the following HHSC addresses:

Applications for Benefits 

P.O. Box 149024

Austin, TX 78714-9024


Renewal Form

P.O. Box 149025

Austin, TX 78714-9025


Reporting a Change

P.O. Box 149026

Austin, TX 78714-9026


Sending Supporting Documents (proof of income, etc.)

P.O. Box 149027

Austin, TX 78714-9027