Help Our Community Recover from Hurricane Laura

We were fortunate that many of the communities we serve were spared the worst of Hurricane Laura’s devastating forces. For that we are thankful!

We are also thankful for the good spirit that we know wishes to help us maximize our disaster recovery work among those who have been adversely affected by that storm. We seek help in three primary ways.

1. Financial contributions that can help maximize our flexibility in responding to food shortage and other needs in the most appropriate way possible

2. Volunteer labor

3. Non-perishable ready-to-eat foods

By using our website, you can help address any or all three of those needs. Please click on the Donate tab to make a financial contribution. Please click on the Volunteer tab to offer labor support. Please click on the Virtual Food Drive tab to select foods you wish to help us purchase for our inventory.

Thanks for your willingness to help!


Did you know that a $10 donation can provide up to 30 meals for desperate people in your community? By making a donation, you are helping to ensure that hungry children in Southeast Texas are adequately nourished, that none of our senior citizens are forced to chose between medicine and food, and that every family facing a crisis can at least have the assurance of food on the table.

Your gift goes a long, long way!

Current Job Listings:

Thank you for your interest!  We do not have any job openings available at this time. Please check back again soon.

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