Dan Maher, Executive Director

The Southeast Texas Food Bank Executive Director is Dan Maher. Dan brings a wealth of experience and depth to the role, as well as a vast background in non-profit leadership and management.

Maher served as Vice President for Development & Communications at Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas in Beaumont. At Catholic Charities, Maher has been responsible for overseeing the resource development efforts of the agency, as well as its communications plan and media interface within the community.

In addition to his work with Catholic Charities, Maher has been engaged in the Southeast Texas community as a regular freelance contributor to the Beaumont Enterprise and as the local contact for the national Emergency Food and Shelter Program since 2009. He has been a member of the Board of Directors for the Fire Museum of Texas in Beaumont since 2012.

Maher and his wife Lanette have six children and devote much of their free time to family activities.

“The issue of hunger relief is a significant one in any community. Unfortunately, Southeast Texas is no exception,” said Maher. “The presence of the Southeast Texas Food Bank here is a reassuring sign of hope for the eight counties it serves, though. The Food Bank’s emphasis on both food distribution and nutrition education strengthens the community’s response and connects people who are passionate about addressing the effects of hunger and poor nutrition with those affected by it. I look forward to helping lead the Food Bank’s response to community need and enabling those Southeast Texans committed to alleviating hunger to take an active role in helping the hungry who are in their midst.”

Did you know that a $10 donation can provide up to 30 meals for desperate people in your community? By making a donation, you are helping to ensure that hungry children in Southeast Texas are adequately nourished, that none of our senior citizens are forced to chose between medicine and food, and that every family facing a crisis can at least have the assurance of food on the table.

Your gift goes a long, long way!

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